Individual consultation

Chronic diseases do not happen overnight. They are closely related to our diet, lifestyle, genes, the surrounding environment. Understanding how our body and individual parts of the body function, how they relate to each other and what factors disrupt the balance of the body is much more important than knowing the name of the disease. This is done through individual consultation: finding out about possible impairments, imbalances and looking for ways to rehabilitate health.


Primary individual consultation

Before consultation


  • 7-10 days before the consultation, a very detailed questionnaire about the history of your health (starting with birth and ending with the current condition) is completed online, where you answer in detail questions related to cardiovascular, digestive, endocrine, immune, reproductive, etc. systems. Your answers allow us to detect possible imbalance issues.
  • In most cases, it is recommended to have specific blood tests done before the consultation to confirm or disprove the suspicions arising from the analysis of your questionnaire responses.


  • Your nutrition diary of 3 or 7 days is analyzed in detail.
  • The medicaments and/or supplements used are analyzed, i.e., we find out about any possible relative contraindications, whether the medications used do not increase deficiency of certain nutrients, whether the supplements forms, doses are right, whether they are well absorbed and, in general, whether you need them.
  • Provided blood tests are analyzed.

during the consultation

We will provide recommendations

  • A detailed explanation of what is happening in your body, for example, perhaps your blood tests and symptoms will indicate severe inflammation or poor blood circulation, thick blood. In each case, the client is explained in detail what his weaknesses are, imbalances, and then is provided with recommendations to help restore the balance.
  • Nutrition and lifestyle recommendations are sent and access to the recipe area is provided after the consultation.

Duration of the consultation

60-90 min.

Cost of the initial individual consultation



for the individual consultation


Repeated individual consultation

Evaluation of changes

  • It is recommended after 4-6 weeks or a couple of months (we decide individually in each case) to come in for a re-consultation, where changes in health condition are evaluated, difficulties encountered are discussed, nutrition and supplement plan is adjusted, new goals are set.


  • Repeated blood tests are always done before the consultation, allowing to see what has changed, whether the body responds well to changes in nutrition, lifestyle.

  • Based on all the received information, adjustments to the recommendations are provided.

Duration of the re-consultation

45-60 min.

Cost of the re-consultation



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